Lando AI

AI-Generated App Landing Pages

Lando AI

AI-Generated App Landing Pages

Starting from $5/month
Rating 4.5
Category Website Builder for Apps


Lando AI is a tool that uses AI to make creating mobile app landing pages easier. It automates and simplifies creating your landing page quickly and efficiently.

Lando AI is designed to help users quickly generate effective landing pages for mobile apps with minimal effort.

Using LandoAI, I built a landing page by simply pasting the URL of Malierlite's mobile app:


  • AI-driven design and content generation
  • One-click landing page creation
  • Mobile optimization
  • Dark mode
  • User-friendly interface for customization

Lando AI Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

  • Automates the creation process, saving time and resources
  • Optimizes landing pages for mobile viewing, which is crucial for app promotions
  • Likely integrates with other digital marketing tools to enhance campaign efforts

Cons 🛑

  • You should have a published mobile app first​​
  • Potential limitations in design flexibility compared to manual creation
  • Dependence on AI might restrict unique customizations that some advanced users may require

Images & Sreenshots

Lando AI UI - Mailerlite App Landing Page Example

Pricing and Plans

Lando AI offers two straightforward subscription plans aimed at connecting your online identity with custom landing pages:

  • CONNECT 5 Plan: For $5 per month, this plan allows you to link up to 5 landing pages to your domain. It includes custom domain integration, no hosting fees, a free SSL certificate for security, and priority support.
  • CONNECT 10 Plan: At $10 per month, this plan doubles the offering to up to 10 landing pages connected to your domain. It also provides custom domain integration, no additional hosting fees, a free SSL certificate, and priority customer support.
Lando AI Pricing


Lando AI does not offer a native integration feature at the moment

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