How my landing page sold $,4485 in 96 hours?

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August 22, 2022

How my landing page sold $,4485 in 96 hours?

I launched a digital product a few months ago with my friend. Our goal was to sell a digital product called "Startup Recipes" that we have built on top of Notion. I was going to build the landing page and wanted it to be memorable and extra.

I spent a crazy amount of time and did a lot of research to find the perfect structure. After seven months, we sold 400+ copies and generated $20,000+ in revenue. Among other factors, I believe that our landing page played a critical role in getting this.

Here is my landing page recipe of Startup Recipes: Use it if you are planning to sell any kind of digital product:

Anatomy of Digital Product Landing Pages

Building a landing page is like storytelling with blocks. Here are 15 blocks to follow:

  • 1 → Hero
  • 2 → Problem
  • 3 → What is it?
  • 4 → Value - Product
  • 5 → Testimonial
  • 6 → Otherwise
  • 7 → Call to Action
  • 8 → Sneak Peak 1/2
  • 9 → Call to Action
  • 10 → Sneak Peak 1/2
  • 11 → Showcase
  • 12 → Otherwise
  • 13 → Pricing
  • 14 → Testimonials
  • 15 → Footer

We micro-exited Startup Recipes to an investor in August 2022.

Startup Recipes

I will dive deep into landing page section below. Please visit Startup Recipes' landing page to see it live and evaluate headlines, hook, CTA, social proof and more.

Visit Landing Page →

1 → Hero Section

Yucel Sahan

Yucel F. Sahan


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